Thursday, November 6, 2008

Update - Exploratory Trip

As Leah mentioned in the previous blog, winter has graced us with her perpetual breeze and on it rides the chilly air. It is a beautiful time on the farm however, the grasses are turning green, a brilliant color from their golden summer sheen. Clouds have produced some of the greatest sunsets I've seen since sitting in African winter fields six years ago. Gorgeous. The wasps have all but left, the cold striking the hoards down. That is great for me as I am finding that I have an irrational phobia to wasps and all things that fly and sting. Ask Leah as she laughs at me flapping my arms around running as the stupid little bug chases me. I've been even known to swipe at a bee with my foot in the middle of a restaurant. I put on quite a pride is grateful that the chill has caused the departure of wasps and mosquitoes.

Plans for our exploratory trip to Spain are coming along. We have made some contacts and are watching the schedule fill up with invites, though navigating the calendar and finding places to stay are still being worked out. Here is a quick overview of what we hope to accomplish.

- We will be heading to a conference pretty much the day we arrive. This is a three day conference of Evangelical leaders throughout the country. We've been invited to attend by a future partner in ministry, Decision Espana. We'll be off and running upon touch-down.

- As I'm in the ordination process with the Free Methodist Church, we hope to meet up with the missionaries and leaders of the Free Methodist work going on in Madrid to plan on how we can be a part of the community. We will be blessed to meet face-to-face people that we have been conversing with for almost 6 months through email.

- We are also going to decipher a budget, which includes looking into areas in which we want to live and base the ministry out of. We will be doing some city exploring and ministry mapping during this time.

- I have also spoken with a missionary there who hopes to begin a Spanish-speaking international intentional community. This has been a dream of mine for some time now, and I look forward to learning how we might be able to get involved.

- We spend our last days with our future boss from LAM and our partners with Decision Espana to learn how we can be involved while we are becoming inculturated and going to language school.

What an exciting time for us. We go on faith expectant for God to show us a glimpse of what he has in store for our future. I personally have never felt so confident or at peace with my career as I do now.

Thank you for praying for us now and during this exploratory trip.

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