Monday, February 23, 2009

A Whole Lot of Learning

I, Kevin, have been up in Portland (and am still missing Leah as I am still in the beautiful Northwest), attending classes for my Master of Arts of Ministerial Leadership. I have been learning a lot while here, both in and outside of class, but to give some perspective on all the lectures I've been in and the intensity:

October - George Fox Seminary 50 hours in one week
December - Madrid 20 hours in four days IN SPANISH
January - Miami 80+ hours in ten days
February - George Fox Seminary 50 hours in one week

Books I've read that are notable:
Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
Prayer - Richard Foster
Spirituality of the Road - David Bosch
Compassion - Henri Nouwen (and others)

While in preparation for Spain, Leah and I have been thrown into the roll of students. As with any preparation for any venture, one must study and be a student of the new venture. Having been students now for some time now, it is a great reality that God wants his people to be life-long learners as we serve him. Consequently, most of what we study as life-long learners is not something that is new, but a deepening or stretching of what we have already studied.

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