Friday, February 24, 2012

Exploring and Visitors

On Saturday my (Leah) cousin Lawrence came to visit us for a week while on his reading break from University of British Columbia. It has been fun for us to have an excuse, or "pretexto" as we say in Spanish, to explore both Mexico City and its surroundings. Between playing tourists we have squeezed in work as well, I began two new Bible studies this week, and Kevin has continued interviews for the Work Design project. Fortunately (although perhaps unfortunately for him) Lawrence has two exams when he returns to school, so the down time works for him as well. Below are some pictures from on our excursions courtesy of Lawrence. :)
Entering Taxco, one of the "Pueblo Magicos" of Mexico.
It is known for it's silver and its picturesque (and steep) streets.

Enjoying an ice cream together on our Taxco excursion.

Lawrence made it to the top of the town where they have a statue of Christ.
We made it about half way there with Eliana!

Picturesque Taxco

More Taxco streets

We had our family over for a BBQ

Yummy Mexican food! Carne from the grill, nopales and grilled onions.

View overlooking Mexico City on a hike.

My favorite tree, the jacaranda. This particular one is in the 
center of the center of the city in front of the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Arriving in Puebla, about an hour and a half outside Mexico City.
This is the only city in Mexico that celebrates 5 de Mayo 
because it commemorates a battle fought here.

Center of Puebla

It has been so fun to have Lawrence with us. He has been a faithful visitor, visiting us each of the times we have lived in Mexico! I am also really excited for the two studies I started this week. One is as a participant with some ladies from our church. The other is in more of a discipleship capacity with one of our Spearhead participants. Kevin and I also have really been enjoying a six week marriage study we are going through with couples from our church. Eliana enjoys playing with all of the kids from the other couples who are part of the study! This week we are going to be attending Eliana's school for a "parent day" to see what and how they are teaching our children. I am looking forward to meeting some of the other parents and perhaps developing those relationships.

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