Monday, February 6, 2012

Praying for the Actions of our Mexican Friends

So after a busy weekend, the blog for last week had to wait until today.  It is a holiday here in Mexico, so it is kind of like an extended weekend of last week.

I (Kevin) have had the privilege of getting to know a few guys from our church more deeply.  And as I'm getting to know them on a deeper level, I'm more and more impressed by how the Gospel has touched their life deeply and how profound they are.  These men are wise and passionate.

One has continued to show me his qualities of growth and leadership in his reflections.  He is quick to examine his emotions and move himself more into the presence of God, giving his life to God, freeing him of momentary selfishness or frustration.  Twice we have chatted to which he has been led to seek God's presence and been conformed to see what God can teach him.  Rafa, is a young man, young also in the faith, but interested in youth ministry.  His qualities of coming before the Lord will make him an outstanding leaders.  I feel so blessed to be able to encourage him.

The second guy I have gotten to know is named Chui (or Jesús).  Chui is also younger in the faith.  He is incredibly passionate about indigenous people and the unfair treatment they get throughout the globe.  Being Mexican he has a very strong interest in serving Mexican indigenous folk, but also is open to serving indigenous folk throughout the continent (here in Mexico The Americas are a single continent).  He is working with a ministry of our church called Corazon Valiente, or Brave Heart.  Those involved work with a few indigenous urban immigrants who have come to the city to find some financial prosperity.  While they might find a bit more money, they typically find crowded living conditions in unstable and dangerous neighborhoods.  They are often ill-treated and many do not speak a lot of Spanish.  The kids pick up on the language, but theirs is a dangerous situation.  It is very common to see indigenous children on the streets performing or selling things.  They might be barefoot and often no adult in sight.  This makes them very vulnerable and also makes it very difficult to get an education.  They tend to get trapped into a life-cycle of drugs and alcohol as well as abuse.  Chui, while studying how to interact with the systems so as to provide help, also makes it very apparent that personal relationship is important to him.  He's not just a Christian activist lobbying the local government, but he celebrates the life of individuals.  Corazon Valiente mostly works with the children, tutoring and encouraging them.  I've had the privilege of learning from Chui, hearing a length about his passion and conversing with him about local community development.  I feel so blessed to be able to encourage him.

Our Mexican friends are doing some amazing things.  They are more than colleagues but teachers.  We are humbled to learn from them and feel it is awesome.  I feel especially blessed by the growing relationship with these men of passion who truly live a missional life transformed by the Gospel.  They want to be a part of God's reconciliation.  And I am put in a position to where I get to encourage them.

My mission statement or life purpose statement is:  To enliven in others their potential to participate in God's restoration of the world.  God brought us to Mexico and already I know that I'm able to minister from my mission and purpose statement.

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