Saturday, May 30, 2009


Our summer theme is based on 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 this year, and it is "Compelled". We're compelled by the love of God.

What is it that we are to be compelled to? Living out the Kingdom of God. Sharing the good news, relieving suffering by being willing to take on suffering, and by making human those who are discarded.

We get to be ambassadors, who then are charged to act in the interest of the Kingdom that the master would model. (See Jesus for President for some ideas).

We are very excited to be, while growing in our position as international ambassadors for the Kingdom of God, to be able to help train up and grow others.

Already this time in Mexico City has been a confirmation on our career calling to begin this program Spearhead in Spain.

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Zoe said...

hi guys! Just thought I'd leave a note and let you know I check in from time to time. Glad you seem to be doing well and so glad you have a healthy pregnancy. I can't help but remember our convo (leah) around the fire in Miami. I won't go into details here. Enjoy spearhead!