Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ending Week 1 in Mexico

One of the most striking things about coming back to Mexico City is that I (Kevin) feel that very little time has passed, perhaps maybe a week. The smells, sights, tastes and sounds have been so happily burned into my memory that they were not soon forgotten. The life in the city is much different than life in country, but it is a blessed life nonetheless.

We just returned from leadership training, where we learned how to be facilitators for the comming students. I am going to be a facilitator while Leah is going to assist the directors. We will be in positions encompassing the entirety of the program that we might be able to plant this program in Spain.

It has been very good so far, though it hasn't even been a week yet. Time up at a camp where we did the training was beautiful. My Spanish was not lost, and in some ways I think it actually improved. Though some vocabulary has diminished, I finally have some grammatical rules stuck in my head, that somehow between leaving and coming back, just seemed to lock into place.

I will be visiting a church where we will be placing students and as with almost any church visitation there is the possibility that I will be asked to give a sermon. In only two days! And in Spanish! Well, fortunately I had the priveledge to preach on Deuteronomy 6 when we were here last, and I've been looking that sermon over in preparation. Needless to say, I hope that I'm not put on the spot to preach come Sunday.

The food has been wonderful and I've pretty much had everything that I've missed. Chorrizo has come back to my senses for which I'm very grateful. My favorite torta (like a sandwhich) restaurant is as good as I remember it, and one of my favorite things - liquado de mamey - has blessed my lips and tastebuds as of this afternoon.

It is good to be preparing in ministry, watching the ways I might grow and stretch and be again in an intercultural context.

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