Friday, May 22, 2009

Visita a la Doctora and Earthquakes

So, as an update to my previous post, everything went well at the doctor's office. There is a small system to learn, you go in, hand one of the receptionist people your insurance card, then sit down to wait. Later a nurse calls you in to a little stall where they weigh you and take your pressure. My nurse asked me how tall I was, but I realized I had no idea how tall I was in centimeters, so she had to measure me, which was a bit challenging because she was at least a foot shorter than me! When all the vitals are done you go back into the waiting room and wait for the doctor to call. Nydia came with Kevin and I in case we had any problems understanding her.

Everything went smoothly, the doctor basically asked me a lot of questions, and then she listened to the baby's heartbeat. For some reason every time we have gone to the midwife it takes her a couple tries to find the heartbeat, and it was no different with this doctor. It always makes me feel a little nervous till they find it, but it is always strong once we can hear it. I won't go again until a month from now, and so our ultrasound will have to wait for another few weeks since she wants us to have it closer to our next visit. I think we both were hoping for sooner, but I think it is especially hard for Kevin to wait to find out what we are having. Overall the doctor said everything looks well and that I seem to be having a normal, healthy pregnancy.

In other news, there was an earthquake today. They say it was around 5.9. We definitely felt it, although it only lasted a short time. Nothing fell off the walls or anything, and pretty much life continued on as normal, some people didn't even know there was an earthquake. However, when we read the news reports it was a good lesson in how the media tends to sensationalize everything, it was as if some major disaster had happened and everyone was extremely shaken up, which really wasn't the case at all. Oh well....

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