Saturday, March 10, 2012


Since Wednesday Kevin, Eliana and I have been enjoying the warm, yet temperate climate of Cuernavaca while on a retreat for all LAM missionaries in Mexico. It has been a great time of communing with our fellow missionaries, learning with and from one another, and also taking care of some items of business. For Eliana it has been near heaven because our room is next door to her best friend, Ana, and she gets to play with other kids almost 24/7. It has also been a little exhausting for her, so right now she is in her bed in our room attempting to "rest" while I sit outside and listen to her sing "Mary has a little lamb" about 100 times in a row! Still, hopefully she will get some rest because tonight after dinner we are having a talent show, so I was hoping to keep her up for that. We'll post more, including some pictures when we get back home. For now, we are enjoying the change of pace and the encouragement that comes from being with and seeing how others are serving our great God.

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