Friday, March 30, 2012


So on Monday morning, Kevin, Eliana and I went to the immigration office with high hopes of collecting our residence visas. Everything seemed to be running smoothly, we signed the papers, gave our thumb prints (Eliana really liked that part), and then waited for the visa to be printed and laminated. Within an hour we had our visas in hand, with one slight problem. My visa said the renewal date was for August of this year rather than March of the following, like Eliana's and Kevin's. The type of visa we are getting is one that has to be renewed yearly, but August of this year isn't even six months from now! So, when we went back up to the counter it turned out that the system had just crashed, and they wouldn't be able to correct the error on my visa that day. Today is Friday, and we still are waiting bor news that my visa will be ready. Fortunately, I don't have any travel plans in the near future. We have friends who are missionaries through the Free Methodists who planned to leave on a six month furlough about a week ago, but when the husband's visa came through and the wife's did not, they have found themselves having some unexpected down time before leaving. I am thankful that this is not my situation, but am hoping that everything will resolve itself relatively soon (although I don't know if this is a pie in the sky expectation since this coming week is Holy Week). So please be praying that my visa paperwork will come through with no problems and have a similar expiration date to Kevin and Eliana's. If you could also be praying for our friends Gary and Jann for Jann's visa to come though I know that they would be thankful. Blessings on you and your families as you prepare to celebrate our Savior's resurrection!

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