Monday, March 19, 2012

Retreat Pictures

We returned from our retreat last Sunday and hit the ground running. This past week we have been hosting a couple, Andy and Erika, who both work in the LAM Miami office. Erika is in charge of recruiting, and Andy of media. The main thing they have been working on here in Mexico City is putting together a video for Spearhead, so they have been visiting different ministries, interviewing participants, and meeting many new people. Although we are tired, we definitely came back from the retreat inspired by everything God is doing through our fellow missionaries, and excited to get to work. I wasn't super great at taking photos at the retreat, but below are a couple that we took. I also, hopefully, am attaching a video of a spoken word poem that Kevin did for the LAM talent show, Nydia (who is mom to Ana, Eliana's best friend, co-worker, and wife of our boss Paul) did a pantomime to the words of the poem. Ok, so the video is not working, maybe too long? I will see if I can put it on YouTube and then link it on my Facebook.

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